• Tony Bosworth

Zamprogno gets second term as Chairman at River Council

Hawkesbury Liberal councillor Nathan Zamprogno has been elected Chairman of Hawkesbury River County Council for a second term.

Hawkesbury River County Council Chairman Nathan Zamprogno

“I’m very honoured by the support of all four member councils to permit me to remain as the Chairman for a second year,” said Cllr Zamprogno.

“The HRCC does wonderful work in protecting the local environment, and has used its skills and resources since 1948 to keep our waterways clean, conduct education campaigns, inspect properties for damaging weed species, and evolve within the biosecurity domain,” he added.

Hawkesbury River County Council was established in 1948 and covers four local council areas - Hawkesbury, Blacktown, The Hills and Penrith - and covers 3823 square kilometres with 828,000 people living within its boundaries.

Headquartered at South Windsor, the council is called a ‘special purpose council’ – in this case responsible for weed management, and ensuring waterway health.

This year has been challenging for the HRCC, with the January flood wrecking a major asset, the ‘Weedosaurus’ harvester, which pulled its mooring and sank near Penrith weir. Work is underway to repair and recommission it.

Balancing the welfare of staff and on-the-ground operational work has proved challenging during Covid, but despite those challenges, 3949 property inspections were carried out over the past year to check and clear major invasive weed species from waterways and their banks.

Each member council sends two councillors to sit on the HRCC Board for four years.

With four member councils, an informal agreement has tended to be that each takes a turn to be Chair for one year but earlier this year, the Minister for Local Government announced all local government elections were put off by a year – due to the impact of Covid - meaning HRCC members faced a five year term.

The make-up of the HRCC is four Labor, three Liberal and one Independent councillors, though Cllr Zamprogno says, “we pride ourselves on putting aside party labels in this context and working for the benefit of the environment and the community.”

Cllr Zamprogno is the first Hawkesbury Liberal councillor ever elected to the Chairship.

“I was re-elected unanimously by the other board members – and who chose to forego advancing their ‘turn’ to do so. Councillor Samuel Uno from Hills Shire Council has been elected as Deputy, replacing outgoing Councillor Robyn Preston, who is retiring due to the necessity of resigning from Local Government now she is Hawkesbury State MP.”

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