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Worker with COVID at Hawkesbury Living nursing home leads to tests for residents - negative so far

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Richmond aged care facility Hawkesbury Living Nursing Home (HLNH) told residents and relatives last night - Tuesday evening - a staff member had tested positive to COVID.

All residents in the Home’s Cameron and Magnolia areas were tested for COVID last night and the first batch of results have come back this morning and are all negative.

“All staff and residents have tested negative and they will be tested every day to make sure the virus has not spread,” Group CEO Kimberley Talbot told the Post this morning.

Ms Talbot said staff had all been getting tested weekly and the male worker – who does not live in the Hawkesbury - who tested positive had no noticeable symptoms.

“All staff considered a close contact have been contacted and asked to get a test,” said the email sent out to relatives last night.

Ms Talbot said this morning the Home - which is at 108-116 March St, Richmond - had been “ready for something to occur” given the swift spread of the Delta virus and had been taking comprehensive precautions.

She praised the home’s workers for getting regular weekly tests and said the infected staff member was very “diligent in getting tested”. She said he had only fleeting contact with residents.

“We have been working with NSW Health since last night,” Ms Talbot said.

Some 40 per cent of staff at the home have been fully vaccinated with others having had a first dose and Ms Talbot said vaccination rates among the residents were high.

All staff who had any contact with the affected staff member have been told to isolate for 14 days and undergo regular tests before any return to work.

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