• Tony Bosworth

Wisemans Ferry getting regular cleans to protect community against COVID – slight change to schedule

There will be temporary changes to operation times for Wisemans Ferry and all other ferries run by TONO Group in that area as they get a good clean over to protect the community and passengers against the spread of COVID.

The news was announced by Wisemans Ferry police senior constable Bill Andrews who says, “due to increasing public health risk and need to maintain continuity of the ferry services new cleaning procedures will put in place prior to the change of shift”.

Each day at the following times the ferries will be placed out of service for 30 minutes to enable a thorough clean-down of the ferry cabin and work space, including hand rails, and gate controls, for example.

5:30am (resuming 6:00am)

1:30pm (resuming 2pm)

9:30pm (resuming 10pm)

“This is a health measure necessary for the safety of the ferry operators and the need to ensure that staffing is able to be maintained throughout the pandemic,” said Snr Const Andrews.

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