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Windsor flood devastation, McGraths Hill evac on hold for the moment

Morning folks, so we've been on our Facebook site since early this morning just constantly posting away with pictures and updates as they come in - thanks to all the Hawkesbury Post readers who have been taking pictures out there and sending them in and giving us tip offs.

So, just a bit of a round-up here. Both Windsor and Richmond bridges are closed and under water. The new Windsor Bridge - $137m worth - is three quarters under water, and debris is piling up around it.

The 52-tonne excavator that no-one thought to move at the Windsor bridge is now also underwater, as are the demolition site of the old Windsor bridge, and all of the demountable offices - someone asked why they weren't trucked away yesterday.

From the air - we have a Channel 7 post on the FB site with aerial film - Windsor is just holding its own, though homes have undoubtedly been lost, no lives though as far as we know.

We also have video of a turf farmer at Pitt Town Bottoms who now has a lake - stunning video of him in a boat surveying his property.

In North Richmond the river has fallen slightly but it is still very high and will no doubt continue to creep up towards the BP servo. We will have some more pics form there shortly.

Evacuations of parts of South Windsor, all of McGraths Hill, Windsor CBD, Wilberforce and Pitt Town were flagged last night for 9am this morning, but the McGraths Hill evacuation has been put on hold for now.

Official information is not easy to come by, it has to be said. Info from the SES emergency teams is not getting to all media, which is poor.

We've also got updates on the Facebook page for places including Cumberland Reach, Macdonald Valley, and Pitt Town.

It's not over yet - Warragamba Dam is still flooding, so that's a lot of water coming our way - and more bad weather is forecast.

Check out our gallery of pictures which we'll put up here, but do head over to the Hawkesbury Post Facebook page too - we're updating that as soon as news or pictures comes in.

And lastly - take care if you are out there.

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