• Tony Bosworth

Windsor Bridge traffic forecast error – TfNSW and MP give wrong figure - out by 30 years

In a media release yesterday from Hawkesbury MP Robyn Preston about the switching on of traffic lights on the new Windsor Bridge, and the opening of an additional lane, future traffic volumes for 2056 were given – 36 years into the future.

Pic courtesy of Paul Caleo shows traffic on Windsor Bridge on November 26

The release said as many as 25,000 vehicles would be using the bridge daily by 2056.

Here at the Post, we were suspicious of that number, given the element of crystal ball gazing involved in looking 36 years into the future, but also because traffic volumes are around that level already.

We did the journalism thing. We investigated.

This morning TfNSW confirmed that the year 2056 was a mistake – they added on 30 years to their forecast. The correct forecast is for 25,000 vehicles a day by 2026 – six years into the future. TfNSW told the Post this morning in response to our enquiry “we just wanted to flag that a typo was made, it was meant to read 2026”.

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