• Tony Bosworth

Windsor Bridge closed by police after Freemans Reach Rd and Wilberforce Rd flooded

In what can only be described as a lack of planning by Transport for NSW, police have closed Windsor Bridge this evening after flooding across the two access roads at the Freemans Reach end meant it became the bridge to nowhere.

The bridge was closed just after 5pm by police and with North Richmond Bridge closed since last night there is now no easy way home for all those who streamed across the Windsor Bridge this morning.

There has been little information fed to the public – or media – by any State bodies aside from the SES, who have not been told much either aside from the normal Bureau of Meteorology flood alerts.

Wilberforce Rd closed at just after 4pm

Freemans Reach Rd closed just before 5pm

It will – no pun intended – all come out in the wash, but the news this evening is, both bridges across the Hawkesbury River are now closed until flood waters recede and there is no timetable at this stage for either bridge to reopen.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the unfolding situation of course and reporting as events unfold.

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