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What's open and closed at Hawkesbury Council due to Covid

Just a quick update on what's happening with Council services due to Covid. You'd have thought they'd have let media know, but sadly not.

Anyway, we've got the info, most of it is as expected, but here are the details:

Short news is - no public swimming, no library and no museum and gallery at the moment.

Personally we're sorry to see the Lego Masterpieces planned for display at Hawkesbury Central Library from July 6 will have to be temporarily held back...and yes these guys right here need to socially distance...

One event which will be temporarily pushed back is the Lego Masterpieces display due to start at Windsor Library from July 6. Featuring a giant construction of the Taj Mahal, the Disneyland Castle, Dom’s Charger from the movie series Fast & Furious, and a large range of vehicles including a helicopter, VW Beetle, Fire Engine, Cargo Jet and a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, hopefully it does go ahead once the Covid restrictions are over.

But some Council elements will be open and running, notably the Animal Shelter and of course no impact on weekly refuse and recycling.

Council has closed the following facilities until 11:59pm on Friday, 9 July - that of course may change going forward, depending on what Covid does, but here we are at the moment.

- Hawkesbury Central Library

- Richmond Branch Library

- Hawkesbury Regional Museum

- Hawkesbury Regional Gallery

- Visitor Information Centre

- Council Administration Building

- Hawkesbury Oasis Aquatic and Leisure Centre

The following services and facilities will remain open:

- The customer call centre from 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday

- The Animal Shelter

- The Waste Management Facility

- Waste service pick ups

- Lodgement of development applications are available online

- Parks and playgrounds Including skate parks

- Governor Phillip Boat Ramp

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