• Tony Bosworth

What an amazing community we live in

Hello everyone, just wanted to say how proud we are here at Hawkesbury Post to be part of this truly amazing community.

In a time of real disaster, you all stood up, helped each other, and got stuck in.

For us, one of the defining features of the last week has been this incredible citizen journalism movement – that’s all of you out there who sent us pictures and words, who told us the stories, gave us tips offs, and gently reminded us if we’d missed something.

That is what local community media should be all about – we’re here for you, for the community.

We want to share your stories, to get stuck in if you need something done, we’re here to shine a spotlight on issues, and as we saw with the amusing truck signs in North Richmond and the birth of one lady’s newborn – we’re also here to share the humour and the joy.

Hawkesbury Post started just six months ago this last Tuesday.

We launched our website and Facebook page because we were fed up with the Hawkesbury missing out on stories. And we wanted to provide a daily news service.

We’re trained journalists with a background in print, radio, online, and a bit of TV too.

We’re independent, we live in the Hawkesbury, and we operate 7 days a week and as close to 24 hours as we can.

We’re about balanced, fair, impartial, non-biased news and features.

We don’t do sensationalism, we don’t do click-bait, and we really like facts.

Unlike other media outlets owned by the big boys, we don’t just chuck in politicians’ media releases – to us that’s propaganda. We get both sides of the story and we make it fair and balanced, and we ask questions and get answers for you.

When news happens we’ll post it so you know what’s happening when it’s happening, not days later.

At the beginning of the flood disaster, we had around 700 follows on Facebook. We were thinking that was pretty good. But in a week, that has grown to 7700 – unbelievable.

Thanks for reading and now we’ll get back to work – telling your stories and giving you the information you need.

Please keep giving us your tip-offs, let us know when you need a story covering, tell us about your business, your sports clubs, schools and community groups, send us your pictures and above all – thanks for welcoming us.

And if you wonder how we fund ourselves, it’s entirely by donations from our readers.

If you like what we do, and you want to support us so we can continue to keep you informed, you can do so from as little as $1. If you can, please consider supporting us with a regular amount each month. Click here for more info.


Tony Bosworth, Editor

Main pic, courtesy of reader Amy Leigh, Saturday early evening, Wilberforce Road.

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