• Tony Bosworth

Weekend on the river – don’t let a stolen boat make waves...

Beautiful weekend, folks – if a little chilly. And if you’re out and about in your boat this weekend - whether you’re on the Hawkesbury River or some other stretch of local water (or even if your boat is parked up somewhere) - remember it’s more likely to be stolen than someone breaking into your home.

Yes, we know, it’s not what you want to hear on such a nice fresh day out there, but the fact is, a thief can just tow your boat away, so now’s a good time to have a think about how you can stop that happening.

There are several things that can be done to reduce the risk of vessel theft. Here’s a useful list from our friends at Hawkesbury Police which you can read while waiting for the fish to bite.

  • Security devices installed on boats should be resistant to water, salt and humidity.

  • Locks - marine dealers carry special exterior hatch locks. When fastened with a quality padlock, these improve security.

  • Windows - locksmiths carry a variety of special, small locks and fasteners, which can be used to increase the security of all types of windows. For sliding windows, place a length of doweling in the track to prevent the window from being forced open.

  • If your boat is kept in the water, use a marina with fulltime security and/or good lighting.

  • If you are leaving your boat for long periods of time, ensure someone else is able to check your boat regularly.

Trailer Security

  • Boat and trailer is the most frequent target of marine theft.

  • Stealing a boat is much easier if a thief can hitch up to your boat and trailer and drive away.

  • Store your trailer in a locked garage, secured boat storage facility, or mini‑storage stall.

  • If the trailer is stored at home, put it in the back or side yard out of sight.

  • Store it with the trailer tongue not easily accessible.

  • If storing in an open driveway or carport, park another vehicle or place another large object in front of the trailer. Consider removing one trailer wheel.

  • Secure the trailer to an anchored object with a good quality chain and lock.

  • Purchase a good quality trailer hitch lock and use it – even if stored inside.

And finally, enjoy your weekend on the water, and if you get any great pics out there, send them to us at info@hawkesburypost.com.au and we’ll pop them up on the website and give you a picture credit.

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