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Weekend of drink driving charges - Grose Vale man tried to run after car collided with pole

Hawkesbury Police say the message about not drinking and driving doesn’t appear to be getting through, following three arrests over the weekend for alleged drink driving.

The night shift on Saturday and Sunday charged three people.

The first was on Saturday evening when a 49-year-old South Windsor man was stopped by Hawkesbury Police carrying out joint operations with the Highway Patrol at Ebenezer. A breath analysis returned a high-range reading which Police will allege was 0.180. The high-range begins at 0.15.

Then in the early hours of Sunday morning a 21-year-old Grose Vale man who was seen by Police losing control of his vehicle and colliding with a power pole at Grose Vale Rd and Elizabeth Street in North Richmond, got out and ran off as police approached.

Following a short foot pursuit, he was arrested. A breath analysis returned a mid-range reading Police will allege was 0.110.

And late on Sunday night a 26-year-old South Windsor man was stopped by Police who were patrolling the Windsor area. A breath analysis returned a high-range reading Police will allege was 0.163.

All three drivers had their licences suspended and were conditionally bailed to appear at Windsor Court later this month.

Police told the Post they are again appealing to the community to ensure they have a plan B when going out for the night, and urging motorists to never drink and drive.

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