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The daily increase in NSW COVID cases is today slightly lower than yesterday but hospitalisations continue to climb, with 917 currently in hospitals, and of those 150 in ICU and 66 on ventilators.

Hawkesbury active COVID cases sit at 87 this morning and we'll update that when we get the updated figures later today.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said this morning, "it is impossible to eliminate the Delta strain. It is a game changer. Every other state in Australia sooner or later is going to have to live wth Delta."

Cases will continue to rise, said the Premier, with October likely to be the most challenging period.

"I’ve seen various versions of modelling," she said, "and I can’t recall all the numbers but I can tell you this much - that we know that the rate of hospitalisations is likely to peak some time in October.

"We know there’s ranges of predictions on what the case numbers will come up to. I’ve often said, as the doctors have said, we anticipate the worst will be in the next couple of weeks in the next couple of weeks.

"The worst will be the next couple of weeks because the impact of the vaccinations takes about two or three weeks and as we’ve said from the outset, lockdowns work in suppressing the spread of the virus but the best antidote, the best weapon in fighting the virus is the vaccine and once we know someone is vaccinated, it takes effect in two or three weeks’ time and we know there’s been a high concentration of vaccines administered in the last week and the upcoming two weeks.

"We still anticipate case numbers to rise in the next couple of weeks and then we anticipate and hope that they will start to come down," she said.

Vaccinations are continuing to power head, with 148,000 more jabs given in the last 24 hour period and the Premier said we should reach 70% vaccination rate by mid-October when she said people could expect to be able to go out for a meal or go to an event. At 80% double-dose vaccination - the Premier said that looks to be by around November - international travel could potentially restart, she said.

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