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Weather watch - Public Information and Inquiry Centre activated

Morning everyone – a wet day of course, and we’ll be here updating from official sources throughout the weekend, covering flood, road closures, accidents and everything in between.

Send us your pictures of actual events and we’ll post those to give everyone a well-rounded view of what’s happening out there.

NSW Police have activated the PIIC - just announced (7am) – and this is a Statewide initiative so not Hawkesbury specific.

The Public Information and Inquiry Centre can be contacted by calling 1800 227 228.

Members of the public can contact the PIIC for information on the severe weather and flooding. It will operate on a 24 hours basis until at least 5pm on Monday.

State Emergency Operations Controller, Police Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys, has appealed for the public to not become complacent.

“Members of the public in the flood affected areas need to heed the warnings and advice of the NSW State Emergency Service and all emergency services.

“Our message is clear – do not put your life or that of emergency service personnel in danger.

“Floodwater is extremely dangerous as it can have fast moving undercurrents that can wash people and vehicles away.

Everyone should always remember to never drive, ride or walk through floodwater,” Deputy Commissioner Worboys said.

For the latest on road closures members of the community can visit the website www.livetraffic.com or contact their local councils.

Members of the public in flood affected areas should continue to listen to local radio stations (we're not sure which of the four Hawkesbury stations is operating this morning - happy to find out...).

It should be noted this inquiry hotline does not replace the State Emergency Service emergency hotline.

Members of the public seeking emergency assistance during a flood or storm should call the NSW State Emergency Service on 132 500, or visit their website www.ses.nsw.gov.au

For all other emergencies, the public are advised to contact Triple Zero.

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