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“We don’t want people from Penrith coming and taking all our pavers” - Windsor named pavers get tick

Most of us know the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame Boulevard - that glittery avenue of the stars, their names embossed in brass and set in the pavement, but now a similar bit of glamour is coming to the footpaths of Windsor – pavers stamped with your name or those of your family are soon to be on offer.

Mayor Patrick Conolly said they weren’t anticipating a rush on the named pavers from outside the Hawkesbury Local Government area but he said an eye would be kept on the uptake and where people were from.

“We don’t want people from Penrith coming and taking all our pavers,” he said.

The plan is an initiative from Windsor businessman Darren Pead, who owns three successful businesses in the town, and at last night’s Hawkesbury Council meeting the idea got the official stamp of approval.

The $60 pavers will be placed in Windsor Mall – potentially around seats and garden beds - as part of the major $18m Liveability revitalisation plan which will see the three main towns – Richmond, Windsor and South Windsor - get a spruce-up, with new boulevards of trees and new signage.

“This will encourage local families to have their name on a paver in the Windsor Mall and be part of the town,” said Mr Pead.

“I also believe anyone or any family that has their name on a paver in the Windsor Mall will be more likely to visit Windsor more often and also bring additional visitors to Windsor,” said Mr Pead.

Resident Venecia Wilson – who also sits on Council’s Heritage Advisory Committee - spoke against the idea, saying the Mayor - who brought the issue up through a Mayoral Minute - was asking councillors to support “a commercially initiated and managed signage project with virtually no detail supplied”.

“As to ‘family name’ pavers, can anyone with $60 have their name in the Mall or must they be resident of the Hawkesbury LGA?, asked Ms Wilson.

“What constraints will be implemented around wording? Will council staff have oversight over the wording of the pavers? What is the maximum number of these pavers in total? Who will be responsible for paying to replace them if damaged or stolen?” she asked.

“I’m sorry, but this proposal appears to be counter to every guideline, criteria and constraint that community consultation around the Liveability Project has been subject to and I’m bewildered as to why the Mayor considered this urgent enough to raise a Minute over it rather than recommending that it be lodged as a submission during the public consultation process for the Draft strategy," she said.

Cllr Nathan Zamprogno said he thought the pavers were a great idea, “but some of the concerns Ms Wilson raised are valid”.

“I do agree if we implement this we flesh the proposal out a little more. I would not like this to be run on a for profit basis. It should be for Hawkesbury families.”

Cllr Danielle Wheeler – who is in the Liveability Project working group - said she was “having a bit of a chuckle about people coming from Penrith”.

She said Council staff met with Mr Pead and they “were very keen to make sure this project wasn’t so large it held up Liveability. We need to act quickly to meet funding conditions. Also we’re keen it didn’t take up a lot of staff time.”

“You won’t have to walk through a sea of gaudy pavers,” she said. “It’s about feel good and recognition of peoples’ place in Windsor. These pavers are recognition of people who love and support Windsor.”

Deputy Mayor Mary Lyons-Buckett thanked councillors Emma-Jane Garrow and Wheeler for all the work they had done to liaise with business owners “and inspire them with confidence so business owners like Mr Pead could feel confident to put this proposal forward and get the support from the council, so we can support it.”

All councillors voted to accept the proposal.

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