• Tony Bosworth

Watch out for this new phone scam…

There’s a new phone scam going around which is potentially very dangerous and could get you to part with some of your personal info and get you in big trouble financially – here’s how it works.

Our good friend Martin Graham up at Bilpin let us know about this one. Martin runs Renegade Tech – so if you need any help with telecoms issues, Martin is your man. He’s a very savvy operator so when he got a text message about a product he’d bought and realised it was a scam we sat up and took notice.

This is a nasty one.

First of all, you receive a text like this one Martin received –

Confirmed: You Paid $2199.99 for Canon E0S R6-HD-Camera on 2O21-O5-O5, AMZ#10464120SR7.Customer Support 08 7200-7080 If dispute.

Here’s Martin on how it works.

“If you call they ask you to state your name,” says Martin.

“They then ask which bank your credit card is with for you to prove it is you. When you tell them the bank they say we know your credit card starts with XXXX (once they know the bank the first 4 numbers of any banks credit cards are all the same as it identifies the bank globally).

“They have a list of these so they are able to tell you what they are. They then say, please state the rest of the number as proof it is you. Once you do that they ask you for the three numbers on the back and you are then in huge trouble.

“Please be aware. I got it for the first time this morning. It’s a decent scam, so I am punting it will become very prevalent.”

Be careful, folks.

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