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Warragamba Dam spill rate likely to peak at 250 gigalitres per day by Friday - WaterNSW

Warragamba Dam is set for a potentially sizeable spill after being above capacity and spilling all week, with WaterNSW saying given the expected rainfall over the next two days, by Friday the Dam spill could peak at 250 gigalitres a day – one gigalitre is a billion litres.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is forecasting that the Greater Sydney catchment could receive 100-200mm of rain over 24-36 hours, with the most intense rainfall expected tomorrow - Thursday.

Warragamba Dam, along with all the Upper Nepean dams, and Woronora, are at, or in excess of, 100% of capacity following the most recent rain event.

Based on the mostly likely forecast, says WaterNSW, Warragamba Dam’s spill rate will peak late Friday, at an estimated 250 gigalitres per day, based on 100mm of rain falling in the catchment over two days.

The focal point of the rain event is forecast for an area stretching from the South Coast to the Hunter coast, including the Blue Mountains, according to the BOM.

Wyangala Dam on the Lachlan River could experience a minor spill next week, while inflow into other major regional dams is expected to be minor to minimal based on the current forecast.

WaterNSW says it will work closely with the Bureau to monitor weather forecasts and inflows.

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