• Tony Bosworth

Warragamba Dam now spilling

Warragamba Dam has begun overflowing as heavy rain continues to fall across the dam’s catchment area.

The water will feed into the Nepean and Hawkesbury Rivers.

A spokesman for WaterNSW just told us – 3.25pm - the amount of water spilling at the moment is “a minor volume” so it’s mostly just over the top of the dam.

Warragamba has an automatic outflow when the dam reaches near maximum level, so that’s also what’s happening at the moment - some of the water will come through the automatic sluice gate - at Warragamba they call it the ducky.

Tomorrow – Sunday – much more water is likely to be released, according to the spokesperson.

While WaterNSW had predicted the overflow, we’ve been told that by 3pm the water began spilling out of the dam.

Earlier today, the Bureau of Meteorology’s national flood services manager, Justin Robinson, said a spill at Warragamba Dam could lead to minor flooding in Sydney’s west, specifically at Penrith and North Richmond later on today, potentially developing into major flooding overnight.

So, be prepared and put your flood action plan into operation if you live in a flood-affected area.

More news, of course, as we get it.

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