• Tony Bosworth

Warragamba Dam close to full – billions of litres a day to be released from today for two weeks

Thanks to the regular bouts of heavy rain we've been seeing, WaterNSW started letting billions of litres of water out of Warragamba Dam from 10am today as it nears capacity.

The water release is likely to continue every day for up to two weeks, sending water down Warragamba River, into the Nepean River and then onto the Hawkesbury River.

Some 3.5 gigalitres a day will be released. A gigalitre is a billion litres.

The Dam’s operators, WaterNSW, say they are releasing the water because “of the fairly heavy rainfall the past few days”.

The level at Warragamba is currently 97.6 per cent of capacity, an increase of one percent over the last seven days. This time last year, the dam level was at 63.3 per cent capacity.

The water release procedure is known as a drawdown and is a standard process which also allows WaterNSW to carry out essential works at the dam.

WaterNSW says river users may notice a small increase in river heights over the next two weeks.

At the moment, there are no flood warnings for the Hawkesbury, but we’ll be keeping an eye on that situation because it’s likely to be, well, fluid.

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