• Tony Bosworth

Update on Telstra services for Kurrajong and Maraylya

We’ve just been talking to Telstra who have checked on the service situation for areas affected by flooding and the ongoing impact on communications.

A Telstra spokesperson told us, "Telstra is continuing to repair and restore services impacted by severe weather across NSW."

We’re told in the Kurrajong area there are still 13 nbn – both voice and broadband - customers who are, as Telstra put it, “impacted due to weather”. In other words they still do not have a service.

"In Kurrajong we are aware of a small number of nbn services still out of action and will be seeking to restore those within coming days," said the Telstra spokesperson.

“In Maraylya we are also working on restoring ADSL services to over 100 customers. Our technicians have identified two pieces of damaged equipment and we are working to get those replaced and services back up as running as soon as possible."

The spokesperson added, "our technicians have been very busy in recent weeks restoring services to communities across NSW and we appreciate the patience of our customers during this busy time."

Let us know if you are in another Hawkesbury area still without communications and we will see what we can find out for you.

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