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Update – Navua and Yarramundi Reserves - both still closed to public, clean-up continues

We’ve just heard back from Council about the two reserves either side of the river and just how bad the damage is. We’ve also been told what the plans are to get them open to the public once again after the flood damage.

According to Council’s Manager for Parks and Recreation, Sean Perry, both reserves were severely flooded, “leading to significant environmental damage to the area including to the riverbanks, with trees being knocked out of the ground and deposited within these reserves”.

Mr Perry says toilets and benches and most other infrastructure survived pretty much intact.

“But silt and debris did have an impact especially on the car parks and toilets.”

Both reserves are still closed to the public.

Navua Reserve - Pic by Louise Hawkins

So far the southern car park at Yarramundi has been cleared of trees and other debris, and work has begun on the northern part, with debris cleared way from the picnic area.

Work at Navua Reserve will begin next week, initially with cleaning of the car park and toilets.

For both reserves, it is still to be decided what will happen with the downed trees either side of the river.

“An overall plan will be considered once the trees, mud and debris have been further removed,” Mr Perry said.

There is still no firm date for the reserves being reopened to the public.

“All Council reserves alongside rivers have been affected by the floods. Whilst basic cleaning has commenced at Yarramundi and Navua Reserve, the sites will need to be reassessed once this work has been completed to determine when we can open them to the public,” Mr Perry said.

Main pic- Yarramundi Reserve by Nina Martelli

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