• Tony Bosworth

Unlikely lockdown measures can contain the Delta outbreak – AMA President

A dire warning from Dr Omar Khorshid, this afternoon, with the Australian Medical Association President speaking in Perth and saying it was unlikely lockdown measures could contain the Delta outbreak in New South Wales.

“The AMA has heard with alarm the new figures from New South Wales today, showing that instead of the current lockdown settings causing COVID numbers to decrease towards zero, we’re, in fact, seeing them increase, meaning that six days in we are really worried that this lockdown is not going to work," said Dr Korshid.

“I think we’ve seen that acknowledged today by the premier and the chief health officer of NSW, who have now started talking about a new strategy for managing this Delta outbreak in Sydney,” he said.

“And it’s quite possible that Australia’s lockdown strategy - that’s worked so well with all the previous outbreaks we’ve had - is simply not strong enough, not fast enough, to deal with Delta.

It’s possible a new approach, in particular for Sydney but possibly for the rest of the country, will be required,” he said at this afternoon’s AMA media conference from Perth a short time ago.

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