• Annemarie Taylor

UNICEF grants for Ebenezer and Windsor schools to help students cope with Covid disruption

UNICEF Australia has handed over community grants to Ebenezer Public School and Windsor High School after research showed the Covid pandemic was having effects on children and young people across the nation

Director of Australian Programs and Child Rights at UNICEF, Nicole Breeze, said in the early stages of the pandemic, UNICEF Australia’s research was showing it was impacting children and young people across Australia in numerous ways, and the number of young people who were not coping well was climbing.

“As part of our support to assist children and local communities we provided these grants for parents and citizens associations to use on activities related to strengthening connectivity, wellbeing and implementing social distancing programs in a child-friendly way in schools while the effects of the pandemic were impacting them,” Ms Breeze said.

“For children and young people in the Hawkesbury, the pandemic wasn’t their first crisis; we’ve had bushfire, we’ve had drought, and we’ve had floods in the last 12 months,” said Federal MP Susan Templeman, who welcomed the funding.

UNICEF is providing a one-off round of School Community Grants for 30 primary and high schools across Australia to a maximum of $3000 per school.

“Windsor High School will be using the grant for a program to strength students’ ability to self-regulate their behaviours and emotions. The program will build the capacity of teachers and target the school’s most disadvantaged students, who are typically the least engaged in their learning and have difficulty controlling their emotions,” said Ms Templeman.

“Ebenezer Public School will use the grant to strengthen their hygiene practises in light of COVID,” said the MP.

Ms Templeman said the funding would be a boost for many Hawkesbury students.

“I congratulate Ebenezer Public School and Windsor High School on receiving this funding, and UNICEF for providing the grants to help young people in our local area.”

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