• Tony Bosworth

Two COVID patients at Windsor’s Hawkesbury Hospital

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Hawkesbury District Health Service confirms today – Wednesday - two COVID-positive patients are being cared for at the Windsor hospital.

The patients, who include one aged care resident who was transferred to the hospital late last month from Hawkesbury Living, have been isolating with all appropriate infection control measures followed, a hospital spokesperson told the Post. The hospital - including surgery, maternity care and the Emergency Department - are open and operating. “We continue to follow strict infection control processes in line with guidelines issued by NSW Health to protect our patients and staff,” said the spokesperson.

All necessary infection control processes have been followed, in line with guidelines issued by NSW Health, and the patients are now isolating in the hospital, said the spokesperson.

A small number of cases broke out at the hospital in mid-August after a full-time nurse was found to be COVID positive.

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