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Tree down on BLOR at Kurmond – mother and daughter have lucky escape

A Hawkesbury Post reader just sent us these dramatic pictures of her car after a tree suddenly fell on it as she was driving along the busy Bells Line of Road this afternoon around 4pm just beyond Colo High school.

The tree came crashing down on the front of the car.

“I’m lucky I’m not dead,” said Fiona Hamann, who fortunately managed to get out of the car. Ms Hamann tells us she is shaken but otherwise unhurt, and is waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Ms Hamann has been messaging the Post while she waits for police - now there is a dedicated reader. The SES - at 4.35pm - are on scene, she reports.

"It fell down on top of the car," Ms Hamann just told us. "Police still not here after two calls but SES is. Traffic is being controlled by residents, not cops. Car free. Hardly a scratch on it."

"It was a terrible jolt. I was more worried for my daughter in the passenger seat," said Ms Hamann. Her daughter is also shocked but unhurt.

"The neighbours have been amazing and are controlling traffic in absence of police attendance. And thank God my daughter is okay." The SES are on scene now and removing the tree - at 4.38pm.

If you can, avoid BLOR near Kurmond for the moment.

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