• Tony Bosworth

Thurs COVID update – 9 new cases, no cases in Hawkesbury, record 60,000 tests in 24hrs

Speaking just now, Premier Gladys Berejiklian says she “nearly fell off my chair, literally” when she learned there had been 60,000 tests yesterday. Previous high was 41,000 tests.

The Premier says test results are usually coming back within a few hours to half a day.

Her message for people over the next few days is “please limit your mobility”.

“Apart from those close family gatherings, which we have allowed over the Christmas break, we don’t want people moving around unless you absolutely have to.”

Rules in place for the Hawkesbury - as part of Greater Sydney - say no more than 10 visitors can get together inside a home, though children under 12 don't count towards that number. These rules run until December 27, and then revert back to a maximum of 10 visitors in total in a home, including children.

Rules may be changed after December 27, depending on the virus numbers.

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