• Tony Bosworth

Third span of Windsor Bridge comes down as heritage protestors ignored

“It’s blatant contempt. The public has no voice.”

This morning the third span of historic 1874 Windsor Bridge was removed, sounding the death knell for those who want to keep the bridge intact as part of the Hawkesbury’s colonial history.

Cheryl Ballantyne, secretary of Defenders of Thompson Square who have been fighting to keep the bridge, told the Post the state government had ignored them.

“It’s blatant contempt. The public has no voice,” Ms Ballantyne said. “It’s disgusting what is happening. What it says is we can write all the letters we want but really we have no voice, the public has no voice.

“If our local member won’t support us [MP Robyn Preston] then that’s a sad day. I think the government should be held accountable.”

Hawkesbury City councillor John Ross also added his voice.

“The removal of the third span of our historic Windsor Bridge has occurred this morning. A tragedy of the first order!”

But Ms Ballantyne said, “the campaign is not over,” adding there was plenty of heritage in Windsor which still needed protecting.

“The voice in the Hawkesbury is growing. The Hawkesbury people want this bridge and our heritage kept,” Ms Ballantyne said.

Picture courtesy of Paul Caleo