• Tony Bosworth

They’re back - F35 Lightning jets taking off and landing at RAAF Richmond again tomorrow

Yes, they were only here last week but the supersonic fighter jets are making a return trip to RAAF Richmond tomorrow for more take off and landing drills.

We've just been told now that this time there will be two planes from No. 2 Operational Conversion Unit and they’ll be flying our skies and landing at our local RAAF base between 10:30am - 12:30pm on Tuesday.

“Please note that this is a training activity,” says a spokesperson for the Defence Department, “not a scheduled flypast or display, and will proceed at the unit’s discretion, when conditions are best suited to meeting their capability objectives.”

Programmed flying like this can change at short notice, and other variables such as air traffic control requirements, weather, and other aviation considerations can lead to cancellation, says Defence.

This training is currently programmed to involve up to two aircraft conducting circuits into RAAF Base Richmond, before departing to return to RAAF Base Williamtown.

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