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The ups and downs of North Richmond Shopping Village’s failing escalators

Escalators - out of order

Shoppers at North Richmond Shopping Village are getting fed up with the escalators not working, with some elderly shoppers having to drag their trolleys up to the rooftop car park.

North Richmond shopper Christine Miller told the Post she was worried there was soon going to be an injury.

She said the non-working escalators were an ongoing issue and no-one seemed to know when the two escalators would be fixed.

“I was just up there and both escalators have been switched off for a week,” Ms Miller said.

“I just witnessed a lady help a senior male drag his trolley to the top, which is an almost impossible feat as trolleys are designed to kick in [to stop them rolling away].

“I asked an employee at Coles when it would be fixed and she shrugged her shoulders, I asked if she had phone number for central management she said, no. I asked the tobacconist if they had number, they said no. I could not find a number displayed on any walls. There is going to be an injury very soon.”

Ms Miller said both sides of the escalator were not working on Monday, “and have not been for a week. Prior, to that we have experienced constantly over the past months, only one side working”.

There are no lifts at the North Richmond Village so for anyone parking on the roof and having to get a trolley to their car, the escalators are the only way up, or down to the shops.

“They usually keep the up one working so people could get their trolleys up. But then Coles staff used to reverse it so they could bring the empty trolleys left upstairs down to the store again and then reverse it to up again,” said Ms Miller.

We contacted The Edge Property Agency, the company which manages the shopping centre. They said someone would get back to us. We’ll bring you an update once we’ve heard back from them.

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