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The Locals – Plumber Steven Gattrell

It’s never been more important to use local businesses. Meet an ace plumber based in Bowen Mountain.

Steven Gattrell is an Olympic specialist – he helped set-up all the plumbing for the Sydney 2000 Olympic village and back then he was lucky enough to get the gig just as he was entering the plumbing business straight out of school.

Steven Gattrell

“I did a pre-apprenticeship course while I was still at St Pauls Grammar and out of that course we had one week of work experience and out of 50 I topped the course and then I got offered a fulltime job, they offered me a start.”

Since then Steven has worked across major building projects in Sydney and all its suburbs and in April he and wife Christilla bought a house in Bowen Mountain.

“Bowen Mountain, I love it. I grew up in Penrith and Christilla lived in Oxley Park, so when we got together I moved into her place and then the house, we outgrew it, so we put our heads together and I sold my place and she sold her place and we came up here.

“I like the rural side of things. I’m over the hustle of bustle and having someone live two metres away. Feels safe, you can let the kids run around, go down the park. Traffic wise it’s safer too.”

All good. Steven was working for a major construction company but then Covid came along and work started to dry up. Steven found himself out of a job for the first time since he came top in his plumbing class 20 years ago.

So now he’s taken the plunge and set-up his own plumbing and drainage business. It’s been tough, the economy being what it is.

“I have been doing it tough, yes. There have been some bits of work and I’ve just been trying to get my name out there and make something of it.

“People are starting to return back to jobs or semi-returning so there’s more money coming in to be spent in the community so I think it will start to get better.

“I’ve reached the time in my life when I think it’s time for me to make money for myself. I’ve been 22 years as a plumber making money for everyone else and I’ve gained good skills out of it but now it’s the time to go out on my own.”

Steven can cover all plumbing and drainage work across the Hawkesbury and he’s got a good eye for spotting solutions for locals when it comes to their drainage and plumbing issues.

Give him a call on 0418 727 138. Steven’s email is stevengattrell81@gmail.com

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