• Tony Bosworth

The kindness of strangers…here’s what it means to live in the Hawkesbury

It was tears all round today at Sids Shoe Surgery in Richmond, but for good reason.

Sid’s owner Chris Holmes – who as many people know is a big tough-looking bloke - was making a spare key for a man’s Toyota when a distraught young mum and her young boy walked into the shop on this very hot day.

Sids Shoe Surgery owner Chris Holmes and wife Sandra

“She was a little flustered about her car key breaking today when she went to use it. The key wasn’t working anymore,” said Chris.

“So I asked her to wait a few minutes while I finished off with the gent’s car key. When I came back in we could she was still a little upset because of her situation. I explained the cost of replacing the car key, which was quite expensive to do what she needed doing.”

But then, there was a big surprise.

The broken key, and the new one

“The gent quietly said to her don’t worry I’ll pay for your car key to be repaired. She was then overcome with emotion and couldn’t thank the gent enough. So with that great gesture I offered him a great discount and cut her up a new key and chip that would solve her problems,” says Chris.

“He said to her, ‘we in the Hawkesbury take care of our own, especially at Christmas time’.

“After paying, in a flash he was gone. Her only regret was she didn’t ask for his name and number but like I said she was overcome with emotion at the time. How good is that? What a gentleman he was.

“Even I the big fella got a little emotional when I saw her reaction today. The young lady was blown away and started crying when he said he’d pay for it for her. And so was I.”

If anyone asks you why you love the Hawkesbury – just show them this good news story.

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