• Tony Bosworth

The confusion around Hawkesbury COVID numbers

Confusion around the total number of Hawkesbury COVID cases continues today with NSW Health seemingly unable to come up with one definitive set of figures.

Here’s where the confusion lies…

The NSW Health map we've been using since this outbreak began back in June tells us there are still 28 Hawkesbury cases - updated to 8pm last night, Aug 20.

The second map NSW Health has shows 34 cases, but that is only up to 8pm August 19, so a day earlier. Go figure, as they say.

That second map, until late this week, included postcodes overlapping other LGAs, so we couldn't see how that could be accurate for the Hawkesbury and so we were not using it.

Now at least NSW Health has changed it to just the Hawkesbury LGA.

We'll go with 34 cases at the moment, but you can see the confusion around numbers.

Add to this, the fact there are now no alerts from NSW Health for ‘venues of concern’ and it is at best a confusing picture.

Rest assured we will continue to do our best to get the most accurate information on numbers across the Hawkesbury, but meanwhile the best way to stop them going up is to stay at home as much as you can.

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