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Sweet taste of success - Delicious Desserts makes Windsor an even sweeter town to visit

Darren Pead and wife Lucille are fast becoming Windsor’s premier retailers with their third shop – the scrumptious Delicious Desserts - opening its doors this morning with an official ribbon cutting event by the Mayor.

Darren Pead, Mayor Patrick Conolly, Brian McCombe, and Lucille Pead at today's official opening

The new shop – it used to be the site of the Pead’s hugely successful Lollies ‘n’ Stuff which recently moving into bigger premises just a bit further down the road in Windsor Mall – allows you to serve your own ice cream and yogurt and add pretty much as many colourful toppings and additions as you like.

The doors opened at 10am today and there was no shortage of sweet-toothed customers waiting to try the new desserts offering.

“Another business opening in Windsor,” Mayor Patrick Conolly told the Post this morning. “So excited, stuff is happening. I’m looking around and it’s Thursday morning and there are people everywhere. Windsor wasn’t like this some years ago. This place is really coming alive, and it’s because of people like Darren and Lucille who are confident to invest here and open more businesses, and the community is really loving it.”

Kelly Scoulou and Amelia Cardinale were among the very first customers at Delicious Desserts this morning

Quite amazingly, the shop had 5000 followers on Facebook before it even opened, and Mr Pead told us he’s relieved the shop is up and running after six months of planning.

“It’s a brand new concept for us,” he said. “It’s come together exactly how we wanted it to. We have got not a lot of experience in hospitality, our experience is in retail, but we are very pleased with the result and very relieved it’s open and of course relieved too that there are people coming here to buy stuff.”

Alongside the self-serving area on the ground floor there's also a super comfy upstairs lounge area.

While the Peads may be super busy with their new venture - in addition to Guys Stuff and Lollies ‘n’ Stuff - we’re just wondering what concept they will come up with next…

Delicious Desserts is at 123 George St, in Windsor Mall and is open seven days a week, both during the day and evenings too.

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