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We've had 14 new COVID cases recorded in the Hawkesbury in the last 24 hours to 8pm, with 9 from an unknown source and not linked.

It is possible that number could go up or down by one later this afternoon when more detailed figures come out.

Meanwhile, in a big reshuffle of the numbers by NSW Health, yesterday there were 219 active COVID cases in the Hawkesbury, but this morning there were 123 active - a large drop. Again, those numbers will likely change during the day though a more data becomes available.

Why is that? Well, it’s all to do with how the numbers are calculated by NSW Health, but it also makes some sense.

Over the past couple of days NSW Health has been missing in action when it comes to providing really clear and transparent numbers, but behind the scenes they have clearly been working on a big revision of those numbers, ending up slashing the number of active COVID cases in some instances by around 50%.

Does that make sense? Are the numbers we see below representative of what is really going on out there in our own backyard?

The short answer is, yes almost certainly…simply because active cases automatically drop off the list after 30 days, but people who get COVID and recover rarely have the virus for more than 14 days.

So a NSW Health reboot of the numbers seems to make sense.

Thanks to our regular numbers man, Kevin Pollard, for finding and sorting through the numbers below.

For the figures up until 8pm, September 8, the NSW Health website said there were 2074 active cases in the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District [which includes the Hawkesbury].

As of 8pm, September 9 there were 803 active cases in the Nepean Blue Mountains LHD, according to the revised figures from NSW Health.

The figures up to Friday, September 10 (reported yesterday) shows NSW Health dropped their total active cases from 27,997 to 14,048 - a drop of 13,949 cases in one day.

That means the active cases in each NSW Local Government Area have effectively been halved.

NSW Health has also added back into the mix daily testing numbers too. We couldn’t get those yesterday, they weren’t on the Health website.

So, here are the most recent figures, but bear in mind they will be updated this afternoon, when we will give you the latest numbers and more comprehensive suburb by suburb coverage.

Hawkesbury active case numbers by postcode

* 47 in the 2753 postcode (Richmond, Richmond Lowlands, Londonderry, Grose Vale, Grose Wold, Bowen Mountain, Hobartville, Yarramundi, Agnes Banks) - was 86 the day before

* 39 in the 2756 postcode (Windsor, Sackville, Wilberforce, Bligh Park, Clarendon, Ebenezer, Mulgrave, Pitt Town, South Windsor, Freemans Reach, McGraths Hill, Upper Colo, Central Colo, Colo Heights, Lower Portland, Glossodia) - was 56 the day before

* 17 in the 2754 postcode (North Richmond, Tennyson, the Slopes) - was 29 the day before

* 8 in the 2758 postcode (Bilpin, East Kurrajong, Kurrajong, Kurrajong Heights, Kurajong Hills, Mountain Lagoon, Wheeny Creek Mount Tomah, Berambing, Blaxlands Ridge, Devils Wilderness) - was 11 the day before

* 2 in the 2775 postcode (Wiseman’s Ferry, Lower Macdonald) - was 2 the day before

COVID deaths in last 24 hours and hospitalisations

A man in his 20s from western Sydney died at Nepean Hospital.

A woman in her 40s from south-western Sydney died at Campbelltown Hospital.

A woman in her 50s from south-western Sydney died at St George Hospital.

A man in his 50s from western Sydney died at Westmead Hospital.

A man in his 70s from south-western Sydney died at Liverpool Hospital.

A man in his 80s from south-western Sydney died at Liverpool Hospital.

A woman in her 80s from south-western Sydney died at Liverpool Hospital.

Dr Kerry Chant said this morning 1206 people are in hospital with COVID, with 220 in ICU and 92 on ventilators.

In terms of vaccinations - 78% of people across NSW aged 16 and over have now had one and 45.6% have been fully vaccinated.

Big thanks to Kevin Pollard for running down the numbers and sorting through them.

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