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Strangers work shoulder to shoulder to help South Windsor families recover from flood damage

The call went out yesterday for help to shift tonnes of flood-ruined property in Cox and Church Streets in South Windsor today.

And it worked – people in their droves came out and helped load the damaged property into a truck supplied free by the Eather Group, ready for dumping.

Nina Martelli owner of Nina’s Preloved Goods told the Post this evening many of her customers had told her of the effort to clean the area up.

“There were strangers helping this family from South Windsor today clean his shed and property and the Eather Group helped with their truck.

Eather Group provided the free truck to cart the debris away

“Strangers came together to help one another in the community. Great community spirit. They loaded the truck full of wet furniture and mattresses, along with ruined personal belongs.

“It was a fantastic effort with people from the community who did not know this family at all,” Nina said.

“They worked 9.30am to 3.30pm and they filled large skips up too. It was amazing to see the community pull together.”

Strangers working together to help a community recover. Pics by Pam and Alf

Hawkesbury Greens councillor Danielle Wheeler was also there today helping with the clean-up effort. The councillor has been tireless during this flood emergency, helping Hawkesbury’s Helping Hands earlier this week at Wilberforce caravan park.

South Windsor’s Cox and Church streets were particularly hard hit in the floods, with many houses suffering major water damage.

“Thanks to everyone who came down to help today,” Cllr Wheeler said in an online comment.

“We worked hard and made a big difference. There is still more work to be done tomorrow and I’m sure the residents would appreciate some friendly faces to help them get through this.”

Sally-ann Eather whose company supplied the truck, said she was blown away by the community’s efforts.

“An amazing job from so many community members,” she said.

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