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St Albans starring in Home and Away – Webbs Creek ferry closed today

A film crew from Channel 7 will spend today and tomorrow filming for the iconic TV series Home and Away at several locations in St Albans and it means the Webbs Creek ferry is closed between12.30pm and 5pm and school kids may be an hour late getting home.

Webbs Creek Ferry closed between 12.30pm to 5pm today

The community have been told about the disruption in a letter from Peter Harris, Location Manager at Channel 7, and it’s been agreed with Hawkesbury Council, St Albans Common, and the police, says Mr Harris.

Filming will take place on St Albans Bridge, Fishermans Point, a property on Wollmbi Rd and Malya Farm.

“The main point of this letter,” said Mr Harris, “is to let those parents who live along St Albans Rd from the Webb Creek Ferry to St Albans know about the delay this is going to unintentionally cause and therefore the late arrival of your children getting home after school.”

Mr Harris said it only affected children at Wisemans Ferry PS who live on the section of St Albans Rd from the Webb Creek Ferry to St Albans.

“It will mean those children will arrive home up to a maximum of one hour later, dependant where you live on St Albans Rd. This is due to this service having to travel via Settlers Rd.”

The film crew will be providing another school bus to pick up students from Macdonald Valley PS.

“So there will not be any delay for those children,” Mr Harris said.

He added: “The Australian film industry relies tremendously on the assistance of the local community when we go out and film on location and your support is always much appreciated.”

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