• Tony Bosworth

St Albans is not getting fibre to the premises anytime soon…

Updated: Apr 4

We’ve just heard from NBN Co who tell us they made a mistake when they included St Albans in the list of suburbs and areas added to the eligible list for fibre to the premises (FTTP).

We put up a story last week which also revealed the Federal government’s promise of more funding for better telecoms reception.

Sadly, the good folks in the oft called Forgotten Valley – yes, it’s actually been forgotten once again - will have to continue using NBN’s Sky Muster satellite service for the foreseeable future if they choose NBN.

So how come there was an error? Well, it seems St Albans should have been listed under Victoria – St Albans is a suburb of Melbourne.

So, put away the champagne. Maybe one day…

More seriously, our St Albans suffers from very patchy, sometimes non-existent mobile telecommunications, so the sooner they do get an improved service the better. It’s been talked about, it’s been promised for years, but they are still waiting.

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