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Some 80 properties still without power – should be connected by Monday

Endeavour Energy crews have been working hard today – Sunday - to restore the electricity network to those still without power.

The company planned to turn on the power to 370 flood-affected properties without power today.

Some 80 properties are still flooded, according to Endeavour, and the plan is for them to checked and switched on - hopefully on Monday.

They are:

· Cornwallis (Cornwallis Road)

· Freemans Reach (Gorricks Lane)

· Pitt Town Bottoms (Pitt Town Bottoms Road)

· Richmond Lowlands (Bensons Lane)

· Sackville (Tizzana Road).

To keep customers and the community safe, Endeavour Energy is completing free safety inspections of properties impacted by flood water.

Despite the good news - based on what Endeavour has seen to date across the Hawkesbury, “we expect up to 400 properties must be disconnected from the network until further safety checks are completed,” a spokesperson told us Sunday.

“These property owners are being given an inspection report from Endeavour Energy on the necessary steps they must take to have power restored, including the contact details of accredited private electrical contractors working in their areas to complete this work,” said the spokesperson.

The private electrical contractors will receive a $350 reimbursement from Endeavour Energy to safely complete this power restoration, so residents won’t be out of pocket.

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