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Quite a few pictures coming to us with blocked roads following landslides in the Wisemans Ferry area, and lots of concerned locals who say they are not getting any help.

"This is right near the Wisemans Ferry main ferry on Settlers Road," Kim Brownlie told the Post.

"This is our only access road so we can't get out. We have been without power since about 3pm yesterday and Endeavour Energy sent a text today saying it will be fixed by 10pm tonight. We won't have power for quite some time.

"If we are told to evacuate at the waters rise, all roads around the forgotten valley have landslides like the one pictured so we can't get out. The roads have been blocked since the heavy rainfall yesterday. We received an emergency text saying prepare to leave... we literally can't!

"Some of those boulders are twice the size of a car. There have been many trees rolling down the mountains that locals have been cutting to allow some road access. Trees and rocks keep falling and we all fear for our homes.

"While the waters rise, we look up at the mountains wondering what else will fall from above.

"The landslides keep getting worse as more rain falls.

"A friend on the Wisemans side of the river heard some of the landslides falling this morning and said it sounded like an explosion."

Resident Dylan Smith, who also sent us pictures, said, "it's only the start of it at Wisemans Ferry, there’s more trees down and landslides all along Settlers Rd and St. Albans Rd and Wisemans Ferry Rd heading to the Central Coast.

"We're trapped from the landslide at the beginning of Settlers Road and flooding at the other end of Settlers Road, with more trees and landslides all the ways along."

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