• Tony Bosworth

Second patient with COVID infection at Windsor's Hawkesbury Hospital

Hawkesbury District Health Service has just confirmed that a second patient has tested positive to COVID-19 at Windsor’s Hawkesbury Hospital. In a statement the hospital said the patient, who returned two negative tests before testing positive, was a close contact of a nurse and patient that had previously tested positive to COVID-19 from the same ward.

The nurse - who isn't from the Hawkesbury and was unvaccinated - had initially tested positive last week and NSW Health believe she got the virus from a family contact.

The patient was in isolation at the time and the ward closed to new admissions with full infection prevention and control guidelines for COVID-19 implemented.

Elective surgery is cancelled until further notice. Other parts of the hospital including day surgery, emergency surgery, elective caesareans and the Emergency Department are open and operating.

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