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Second new roundabout for Grose Vale Rd as Redbank expands - and 'small bridge' may become reality

A second new roundabout for Grose Vale Rd is set to be built as Redbank moves into a new building phase, and would also help smooth traffic flow for the eventual build of the so-called ‘small bridge’ across the river just down from Navua and Yarramundi Reserves.

The other most recently built roundabout is where the main flow of Redbank traffic comes onto Grose Vale Road, just before the descent into North Richmond.

Residents living near Grose River Road – just before St John of God hospital if you’re coming from the Kurrajong direction – have been sent letters by Hawkesbury Council, dated June 8, advising of a ‘modification by extent to the upgrade works to Grose Vale Road’.

The proposal for the new roundabout at the junction of Grose River Rd and Grose Vale Rd can be commented on, and submissions put in to council, until June 29.

Across Grose Vale Rd from the roundabout sits the so-called Southern Heights building phase at Redbank which is now being prepared for new homes.

The new roundabout could also play a role in the long-awaited ‘small bridge’ for which Redbank’s developers have set $25m aside as part of developer contributions.

The original so-called Grose bridge development agreement with developers Redbank was a condition for developing the housing estate. Redbank was to pay the total costs of the bridge construction, but if it was not approved for some reason, then they would contribute an original $23.8m (indexed up to $25m today) to the RMS, now Transport for NSW.

The total cost of the bridge construction - if it ever gets the go-ahead - is likely to be a much higher amount given the overall costs in bridge construction.

When we spoke to Redbank not long ago – as they were removing a large number of trees on the building site – they told the Post the hold-up with the small bridge – which would likely see it cross the Grose River down from Ashtons Rd and then join Springwood Rd just down from Yarramundi Reserve – was down to Hawkesbury Council.

Redbank pointed out then that the money is effectively indexed linked, which means the amount of money they may have to eventually pay increases year on year, so they are keen to see it progress.

The ‘small bridge’ has been on the drawing board for over a decade and whether it goes ahead now or not will almost certainly depend on State and possibly Federal funding. It may also be quietly sidelined - we'll find out about that - given the $500m announcement on North Richmond bridge duplication.

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