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School return timetable – dates for your diary…

Just in case you haven’t had these dates from your school yet on when your children will return to school, here they are.

Short story is, as it stands at the moment, by November 8, all pupils will be back to face-to-face teaching.

Depending on your school – if it’s high school for example – some of these dates won’t be applicable. Just check your child’s Year group.

School return dates

Week 4 of term - 25-29 October

Prep, Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 12 return.

Week 5 of term - 1-5 November

Year 2, Year 6, and Year 11 return.

Week 6 of term - 8 November

All year groups back at school.

The HSC Examination

The NSW Minister for Education, Sarah Mitchell, has also announced the HSC Examination period has been moved back, with the first exam on November. A new HSC timetable will be released in September.

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