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The Delta strain of the COVID virus is spreading fast with a record 319 new NSW cases in the last 24 hours just announced by Health Minister Brad Hazzard.

Some 194 cases are still under investigation which means the sources of those cases are not clear.

While the epicentre is currently Canterbury Bankstown local government area (LGA) the Minister said there was concern about cases leaking over LGA borders and he mentioned Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District as one of those seeing an increase in cases - Hawkesbury is in that health district.

Hawkesbury cases this morning are still steady at 6, with sources of those cases known.

Armidale is going into a week long lockdown from 5pm due to two new cases identified last night.

The Hunter New England area now has 13 cases and COVID has been detected in Dubbo which currently has no known cases.

There were 5 more deaths in the last 24 hours. Health official Dr McAnulty said this morning, "there are lots of cases in hospital".

There are 345 people in hospital with COVID, 56 are in ICU, 23 of them are on ventilators.

"This disease is affecting all age groups," said Dr McAnulty.

On vaccinations, a better story with 50% of the NSW population have had a first dose, with 22% fully vaccinated, that vaccination figure going up 5% a week.

"Vaccination is our key to freedom," said Minister Hazzard.

"Where we go in this situation is in the hands of the community," he said.

"The government and health staff and police and ADF can only do so much. In the end this is in the hands of us community members.

"I think it’s time people woke up to the fact you’re not expected to go to a party to a gathering, that is absolutely what you should not be doing. We need to make sure we stay at home, unless you need to go out and get your shopping. Just stay at home."

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