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In the last 24 hours, NSW had the largest number of vaccine jabs yet at 156,165 people vaccinated but another record number of new COVID cases at 1035.

The Hawkesbury has 77 active COVID cases, according to today's NSW Health figures, so just up by an additional single case over yesterday.

One message out of the media conference this morning from Health Minister Brad Hazzard was not to pay attention to misinformation on social media. Apparently this revolves around totally untrue posts about how pregnant women who get vaccinated could have fertility issues.

Minister Hazzard said the posts were not true. "There is no evidence whatsoever that a man's or woman's fertility is affected [by the vaccine]," he said.

The Minister made the point that if young women or girls did not get vaccinated and they got the virus it was more likely they would suffer from long COVID (where some symptoms continue even after recovering from the virus) and that "would make it more likely there could be issues".

"A strong point that was made when I was enquiring about the evidence is that particularly young women and girls who are contemplating having a child should understand that if they don’t have the vaccine, and they do get the virus, they may suffer from long COVID or from symptoms that would actually make it more difficult to be able to have children, and to have as many children as they would like," he said.

"So I think the strong message here is don’t believe what you are seeing in the social media, don’t believe what is on some of these sites that indicate that the vaccines will cause any difficulty in you getting pregnant, it certainly won’t. In fact, it’s the opposite."

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Jeremy McAnulty said there are now 778 patients in hospital with COVID, with 125 in ICU and 52 on ventilators. Of those in ICU, 110 are not vaccinated, 14 have had one dose and one has had both doses of the vaccine. The ages of those on ventilators include people in their 20s and 30s.

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