• Tony Bosworth

Rural Press long-termers with 25-years service could be left with no redundancy pay

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) has warned some workers who are losing their jobs when Rural Press closes in just a few weeks time are classed as casuals, despite having worked regular days and hours at the plant for as many as 25 years, and are likely to be left without any redundancy payments.

The workers are permanent employees but could lose out because they’re called casuals.

Macquarie MP Susan Templeman says it is an example of the unfair nature of insecure work in Australia. "I’ve spoken to a number of workers who feel really let down by the treatment they’re receiving from Australian Community Media (ACM), particularly after years of loyalty,” Ms Templeman told the Post.

“If you’re a woman in your late 50s who’s worked on the one factory floor for three decades and now you’re receiving no redundancy payout, it’s a brutal end to your job.”

ACM is the owner of the Hawkesbury Gazette.

Ms Templeman said the Labor Party understood print media was under extraordinary pressure but added loyal workers should not "just be thrown on the scrapheap".

In a joint statement put out by Ms Templeman and Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations, Tony Burke they called on “ACM to do the right thing by these workers and ensure they are properly supported”.

The statement said, “Labor has a plan to stop this sort of exploitation of casuals. Scott Morrison by stark contrast has just made it worse.

“A few weeks ago Mr Morrison teamed up with One Nation in the Senate to extinguish the rights of casuals. It means employers can now classify workers as a casual even if they work regular, predictable and permanent hours.

“That means employers can benefit from the certainty of a permanent worker but they don’t need to give them the benefits of permanent work like leave or redundancies. The change overturns multiple decisions by the courts.”

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