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Roads, Ministers, bridges – this morning’s update…

Welcome to Wednesday.

We heard back from Council late yesterday – Tuesday – about some questions we put to them early on Monday morning about roads and the clean-up.

Federal Emergency Management Minister David Littleproud, who's also Deputy Leader of the Nationals, with Macquarie MP Susan Templeman and turf farmers on Freemans Reach Road this morning

Terrace Road – this is the one with the landslip/sinkhole which appeared Sunday night and cut the road down to a single lane. Council’s Jeff Organ, who is Council’s Director Infrastructure Services says: “Council has engaged contractors and works will commence in the next day or two.”

Freemans Reach Road – this is where large chunks of the road have disappeared and the land under part of that road has also subsided. It is only affecting a short stretch of the road.

There is no time-frame yet for repairs. Mr Organ says, “The damage has been assessed and a number of options are currently being considered to enable the road to be reopened to traffic. At this stage we are unable to confirm a timeframe for repairs however every effort will be made to open the road as soon as possible.”

Upper Colo Bridge – this is major work, by the looks of it, though it is a relatively simple wooden bridge – about half of which has been ripped aside, some of it on the other river bank. Mr Organ says, “Council staff have inspected the bridge and the damage is extensive. Repair or replacement options are being investigated along with funding mechanisms under natural disaster funding arrangements.”

Cutting through the Council-speak for a moment on that one – they will need to get State or Federal government funding. Now, getting work started on damaged roads after the last flood down at Macdonald Valley took almost a year, so don’t be holding your breath on using Upper Colo Bridge any time soon.

Changing gear, yesterday – Tuesday - Premier Gladys Berejiklian visited the Hawkesbury to meet volunteers and emergency responders. Linda Strickland of Hawkesbury Helping Hands who should be getting some kind of local hero award for the work she and all her volunteers have put in, told us this morning she had a good chat with the Premier, which is great to hear.

Moving on, Federal Emergency Management Minister David Littleproud - he's also the Nationals Deputy Leader - is visiting the Hawkesbury. We have a picture of him here just in, with MP Susan Templeman, and turf farmers at Freemans Reach.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese will be visiting the Hawkesbury as well today. We’re hearing he will be in Pitt Town. We may get the chance to have a quick chat with him – again, depending on timing.

Okay, that’s the start of the day, more to come later…

Oh, and we are just three people short of 8000 followers on Facebook – well done everyone.

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