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River Watch 4.19pm update - Minor to moderate flood warning for Hawkesbury River

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has updated its flood warning this afternoon at 4.19pm, raising it from a minor flood warning for the Hawkesbury to a minor to moderate flood warning, so a click up in the warning level.

BOM says heavy rainfall is expected along the mid north coast today – Thursday - and is expected to move south into the weekend.

“This rainfall has the potential to cause minor to moderate flooding along the Mid North Coast from Thursday and is expected to spread south towards the Hunter, Sydney and Illawarra during Friday and Saturday,” said a BOM spokesperson.

A coastal trough is expected to develop along the northern New South Wales coast today, bringing heavy rain to the area. This trough is expected to extend south on Friday and Saturday generating widespread rain along the coast and adjacent ranges, says BOM.

Catchments likely to be affected by flooding are already quite saturated following rainfall earlier in the week.

Minor flooding in the Hawkesbury typically means low lying areas like Richmond Lowlands can potentially see some flooding, and moderate is likely to mean some potential road closures due to flooding.

So, if you are in a potential flood area, get your flood plan ready for activation, just in case.

And we’ll keep you informed with regular updates.

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