• Tony Bosworth

River watch 6.45pm – most Hawkesbury River gauges falling or steady, says BOM

Evening everyone. We don’t know exactly what tomorrow will bring but at the moment according to BOM, our local river levels are steady or falling. Now, some of that will be due to tidal action, but at least they’re not going up at the moment.

Most are also below minor flood level just now, though BOM is still saying minor to moderate flood risk for the Hawkesbury, and heavy rain is expected Saturday and Sunday.

Here are the latest current river details, with times and river heights.

And we’ll see what tomorrow brings us.

Do feel free to share any local knowledge of parts of the river you know, and we’re always keen to share some of your pictures so everyone can get a well rounded look at what’s happening.

We’ll be keeping an eye on any further developments this evening and all through the weekend.

Grose River at Grose Wold (Burralow) 6.44pm Fri 2.74 falling

Hawkesbury River to Windsor

Hawkesbury River at North Richmond 6.42pm Fri 2.36 falling and below minor flood level

Hawkesbury River at Freemans Reach 6.00pm Fri 3.07 falling

Hawkesbury River at Windsor SWC 5.30pm Fri 2.52 falling

Hawkesbury River at Windsor PWD 6.00pm Fri2.49 falling and below minor flood level

Colo River

Capertee River at Glen Davis 5.45pm Fri 1.53 steady

Colo River at Upper Colo 4.45pm Fri 4.67 falling and below minor flooding

Macdonald River to St Albans

Macdonald River at Howes Valley 6.35pm Fri 0.72 steady

Macdonald River at St Albans 6.35pm Fri 1.53 steady

Lower Hawkesbury River

Cattai Ck at Murphys Bridge 5.45pm Fri 1.29 falling

Hawkesbury River at Ebenezer 6.00pm Fri 1.86 falling

Hawkesbury River at Sackville Ferry 6.00pm Fri 1.27 falling and below minor flood level

Hawkesbury River at Lower Portland 6.00pm Fri 0.82 falling and below minor flood level

Hawkesbury River at Wisemans Ferry 6.00pm Fri 0.33 falling

Hawkesbury River at Gunderman 6.00pm Fri 0.06 falling

Hawkesbury River at Spencer 6.00pm Fri 0.07 falling

Hawkesbury River at Patonga 6.01pm Fri 0.28 falling

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