• Tony Bosworth

$4000 in fines handed out to four people at a home in Richmond for flouting stay-at-home rules

Hawkesbury Police visited a home in Richmond last night and handed out $1000 fines to four people for not sticking to Covid stay-at-home restrictions.

Police were alerted to the rule-breaking by a concerned resident and when they arrived found three men - a 25-year-old from Riverstone, a 36-year-old from Cranebrook, and a 31-year-old Kellyville man – aswell as the 33-year-old female resident at the home.

Each were issued with $1000 Infringement Notices for the offence of, Fail to Comply with Noticed Direction under the Public Health Act.

The visitors were ordered to leave the home and return directly to their own homes.

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