• Tony Bosworth

Repairs to busy Bells Line of Road could take months

Work was carried out last night on several sections of Bells Line of Road in the Bilpin area when Transport for NSW contractors repaired badly broken and dangerous road edges, but repairs on other damaged sections of the busy road could go on for weeks, even months, say TfNSW.

Some of the potentially most dangerous stretches included the passing lane near Johnson Road, Bilpin and an area on the passing lane near Glenara Road. The Glenara Road damage – which was repaired Tuesday evening - was so bad large vehicles had to cross the centre double white lines to miss deep potholes.

TfNSW told the Post they were aware of issues with the road surface on Bells Line of Road, one of the Hawkesbury's major roads into the Blue Mountains and increasingly busy as holiday traffic builds.

“We are in the process of carrying out improvement work, including road resurfacing and patching at various locations, to improve safety and journey reliability for motorists,” said a TfNSW spokesperson.

“Work was carried out last night and will continue in the coming weeks and months to improve the road surface, weather permitting.”

The spokesperson said TfNSW carried out “regular inspections of the network to identify defects such as potholes and schedules repair as soon as possible”.

“While crews carry out regular inspections of Transport for NSW roads, advice from the public is welcomed. Members of the public can report potholes 24 hours a day by phoning 13 22 13,” said the spokesperson.

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