• Tony Bosworth

Reminder - CENSUS tonight and potential fines for not doing it...

You may have already completed the Census form - you can do it online, or in our more remote areas hardcopy versions have been delivered - but if not you need to get it filled in before Thursday.

It is a snapshot of the Hawkesbury and Australia, officially meant to record who lives at your address this evening, August 10.

You do have until Thursday August 12 to complete the Census, and it is compulsory. The information is used to inform decisions about transport, schools, heath care, infrastructure and business.

If you don't want to complete an online form, call 1800 130 250 and you can request a hardcopy paper form.

Bear in mind that you can potentially be fined $220 a day for every day you don't complete the form after the August 12 final date, but you will be contacted first and reminded to fill in the form, so there is a period of grace.

If you put false or misleading information on the form you can potentially be fined $2200.

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