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“Reflect, respect, and celebrate Australian spirit this Australia Day” – Hawkesbury Police Commander

Superintendent Jim Stewart, Commander of Hawkesbury Police Area Command, has put out an Australia Day message to the community saying it is a day to celebrate the Australian spirit after all the community has been through the last year.

Supt Stewart also underlined the need to stick to the Covid restrictions in place which limit the number of people allowed to gather in one place.

And the Police Commander says police presence will be high in the Hawkesbury as officers target drink-driving and anti-social behaviour.

“I want to encourage the community of Hawkesbury to celebrate safely this Australia Day, as the state prepares to mark a national holiday that will look very different this year," the Supt said.

“Large gatherings will be limited across the state due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, people are being encouraged to watch the live broadcast on TV from their home, have small COVID-safe gatherings with family and friends or book a restaurant in their local area to help support businesses.”

And police will be on duty targeting alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour over the holiday.

Police will be out in force on Australia Day

“Australia Day 2021 is a day to reflect, respect and celebrate the Australian spirit, so I ask the community to be patient, respect each other and any restrictions in place. Hawkesbury Police Area Command will be conducting a highly visible and mobile police operation on Tuesday the 26 January,” Supt Stewart said.

Police officers from Hawkesbury Police Area Command alongside specialist police will be patrolling the roads and waterways of the Hawkesbury area to ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone.

“I ask for your cooperation that if you are planning to drink, look after your mates, drink in moderation, and always have a Plan B if you’re driving. If you are caught doing the wrong thing, you will be put before the courts,” the Commander said.

“The past 14 months the people of the Hawkesbury area have dealt with bushfires, flood and coronavirus. Australia Day is a day to reflect on our strong sense of community that has been very evident through these emergencies and I encourage you to come together to celebrate everything that is great about being Australian.”

For details about what’s happening in your area and further event-related information, visit the official Australia Day website: http://www.australiaday.com.au/ Check the NSW Health website for the public health restrictions that apply to your area, or the area you plan on visiting.

Hot weather is expected over the next few days, and police are urging revellers to keep informed on the conditions, look after their health and remember the four key messages to keep healthy in the heat:

1. Drink plenty of water (limit hot, sugary, or alcoholic beverages) 2. Keep cool (stay in the air conditioning, if possible) 3. Take care of others (visit or contact those at risk of heat-related illness) 4. Have a plan (know who to contact if you need assistance and seek medical advice if you feel unwell).

Visit www.bom.gov.au for updated weather forecasts and warnings.

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